Helping out is the heart of practice.

​One of the best things to do in a community is to lend a hand. You get to know people better and in a different way, you become more grateful for what others do, and the energy you give grows and becomes part of what sustains you. Often when practice gets real there is a desire to give back.​

​If you’d like to be a volunteer at the Santa Rosa zendo, talk to Michael Hofmann on a Sunday morning or Monday evening, or email us at There are lots of things to do, from helping with tea or ringing bells, to working in the garden, cleaning the center or helping prepare for retreats.

If you would like to help Pacific Zen Institute more broadly, with organizing or retreats or social media skills, contact PZI’s Membership Coordinator  or SRCZC Assistant Director Michael Hofmann via email.


Yunyan said, “I understand.”

“Really? What do you understand?”

“There are hands and eyes all over the body.”

Daowu said, “That’s nicely put, but it’s not the whole picture.”

Yunyan said, “How would you put it?”

Daowu said, “All through the body are hands and eyes.”

We are growing and learning together through expanding programs and membership. Your ideas about what you would like to do or see here are what will make this happen.

Programs: what do we like to do here?

Outreach: how do we let people know?

Vision: what is Zen? and how do we do it?

So reach out and tell us what you think and become a part of it, too. We would love to have you.

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