“What is the Tao?”
“Ordinary mind is the Tao.”
“Should I turn toward it?”
“If  you turn toward it you turn away from it.”
“How can I know it if I don’t turn myself toward it?”
“The Tao is not about knowing or not knowing. Knowing is delusion; not knowing is blankness.
When you reach it, you will find it vast and boundless as space. How can there be have and have not?” 

The Verse

Rachel Boughton

Spring comes with flowers, autumn with the moon,
summer with breeze, winter with snow.
When idle concerns don’t hang in your mind,
that is your best season.
   (Gateless Gate 19)

Chris Gaffney

What happens when you realize the way to what’s vast and boundless is just to look into your own mind? What happens when you realize your knowledge, or lack of it, is an idle concern?

Rachel Boughton and Chris Gaffney will be teaching together. Chris Gaffney is a frequent visitor from the hills near Chico. He’s a writer and a Physics professor, with an infectious excitement for making connections through moments of awakening.

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