This talk will be live streamed on YouTube in case you can’t be there in person

We might think spiritual attitudes will improve our lives. But what if nothing is wrong with our lives? We don’t have to be so earnest about life and death.

Here is a story about the light and dark.

Ma, the ancestor, was sick. The superintendent of the temple asked him, “How are you feeling these days?”

The Ancestor said, “Sun Face Buddha, Moon Face Buddha.”

It’s your sun face and your moon face. Sunlight and moonlight each have their beauty. It’s obvious that each moment of life is for you and you can’t give it away to anyone. There is no other moment and any piece of our lives is the whole of life today, illuminated in its own way.

The poem that goes with this story is:

For twenty years I’ve struggled fiercely—

How many times have I gone down to the blue dragon’s cave for you?

Ma was the only Chan teacher titled Ancestor and called by his birth surname, Ma or Horse. This conversation took place right before he died

Meditation, talk and conversation at Santa Rosa Creek Zendo.

This talk will be live streamed on YouTube in case you can’t be there in person

John Tarrant

Image: The patient Opposite 1952 – Claude Rogers

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