Sometimes in summer a sound or a sight touches us profoundly. Before dawn, a four note owl call in which the fourth note dips and rises again, a diesel engine echoing off the boats in the harbor, or the sight of summer grass pale like the flank of an animal—these can perform a sudden tear in the cloth and then whole of life is encompassed in a moment.

A smell will do that too,  a rose scent that overwhelms your understanding that it is a rose or even that you are you.
The sound, the sight, the scent, say “Here we are! This is the sound, this is meadow, this is the street. We have always been here.” And we too think “That’s it!”
Even feeling sad, getting sick, or feeling tired is a gate like that.

You can enter anywhere as long as you don’t  have reservations and disagree with your life.
Join us for a talk about the eternal life we have right now.


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