Koan: T’sien and her soul were separated. Who is the true T’sien?

Long ago and far away there was a village with a girl in it, and she was in love. But the girl’s father said that she and her beloved couldn’t be together.  The unbearable choice between her family and her lover split her in two. She and her soul parted company. For quite awhile.

This is something that happens. We have the capacity to split ourselves like that and sometimes we do, in large or small ways. Sometimes it’s required, sometimes it’s convenient, sometimes it happens by accident or by violence.

We also can split ourselves off from what’s truly ours, our birthright, because it seems too big. And then it becomes the task to reconcile, to join soul and body together again.

Let’s come together and meditate and, as is always the case with meditation, put something together again that has been separated for a long time.

Photo John Moore – The Border

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