(…) A few days later, the student took a shovel, went into the teaching hall, and crossed from east to west and back again from west to east.“What are you doing?” asked the teacher.

The student said, “I’m searching for the sacred bones of my late teacher.”

The teacher replied, “Flooding waves are everywhere, whitecaps overwhelm the sky. What sacred bones are you looking for?”

Some koans are stories. I like these ones, there are so many places to enter. This koan is part of a longer story, involving passion and regret and finally a new point of view. It makes me think of the sacred bones I’m looking for, and also what’s rising up, so large and momentous I may not even notice it. I’m staring at the ground, looking for something that I already know, or at least I think I do. What’s happening now, when I really let it in, is beyond my imagining. The ocean will always win, it’s bigger than me.

Come and join us for meditation, no experience necessary, bring your bones and your oceans.

This talk will be live streamed in case you can’t be there in person
Image- Archeological dig in Santa Ana Cave

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