Dear PZI Community Welcome – The Green Glade of Meditation

We will be holding Zoom Meditation & Talks daily each week. So we will be well connected during this time. This is all new for us, so stay tuned as we adapt to this new now. So far we’re having fun with this.We will add links here as they become available. Save each teacher’s links as they will be recurring.

The Weekly PZI Zoom Meditation Schedule:

SUNDAYS: 10:30am PDT –
Next on March 29th
John Tarrant, Director/Founder of Pacific Zen Institute
Recurring zoom link:
Meeting ID: 262 760 348

Audio Recording of John’s last Meditation session in case you missed it.

Jon Joseph, Roshi Director of Santa Mateo Zen & Co-Director of SRCZ, Eleanor Silberman Co-host
Next on: March 30th,
Recurring zoom link:
Meeting ID: 839 128 028

Tess Beasley PZI Board President (alternate weeks)
Next on March 31st,
Recurring zoom link:
Meeting ID: 272 150 6749


Allison Atwill, Roshi Director – Coral Moon Zendo,
Santa Barbara
Next on April 7th,
Recurring zoom link:
Meeting ID: 272 150 6749
Audio recording of Allison’s last Zoom Meditation session in case you missed it.

WEDNESDAYS: Alternating weeks 2 different times:

7:00 PDT: David Weinstein, Roshi: Director of Rockridge Meditation Community –
Next on April 1,

Recurring zoom link:
Meeting ID: 815-121-108


5:30 PDT: Jesse Cardin, Roshi: It’s Alive Zendo in San Antonio, Texas
Next on April 8th,
Recurring zoom link:
Meeting ID: 509 993 127

THURSDAYS: 7pm EDT – or 4:00 PDT
David Parks, Roshi:  Director Blue Grass Zen – Kentucky
Next on April 2nd,
Recurring zoom link:
Meeting ID: 349 398 180


FRIDAYS: 4pm-5:30pm PDT
Sarah Bender, Roshi: Open Source teacher/Resident Teacher,
Springs Mountain Sangha in Colorado Springs, CO.
Next on April 3rd. Recurring Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 883 899 070

The sound of finches’ wings,

delicious as blackberry jam

Note: Sarah Bender, Roshi, Michelle Riddle and other leaders will also rotate in at times.

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