In olden times there were 16 bodhisattvas.
When it was time to bathe, they all went into the bath together and discovered the cause of water.
They called out, “This subtle touch reveals the light that is in everything.
We have reached the place where the sons and daughters
of the Buddha live.”

There’s something about meditation that begins to dissolve the space between us, to unmake the separation that before seemed so real. Life is like that, too. We get into a bath together, whether we like it or not. And we discover the cause of water, and of everything else, by not being separate from it.   Walking the dog in the mud, while talking on the phone to someone far away, I’m mud, I’m dog, I’m old friend, too. I may try to stay separate, but I’m submerged. When I don’t know it to be otherwise, I’m fine.

This Talk will be broadcast live on YouTube in case you can’t be there in person.

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