As I walk I’m riding the water buffalo

One day Mr. Pang suddenly cried out, “It’s hard, hard, hard! Ten times I’ve oiled this platform and it’s still not finished”
Mrs. Pang said, “Easy, easy, easy! Just look at the floor, lower your feet to it, and walk away!“
Their daughter said, “It’s neither hard nor easy! The mind of the wise ones is on the tip of every blade of grass!“

Sometimes it’s hard, or seems so. I look back and I look forward… exhausting…
And then it shifts. Everything is here, for me, this morning or evening, stretched out like a water buffalo in the sun.

Come join us and sit together. We can feel how hard it is, and how easy, and the wisdom of the ancestors on the tips of the grass.

Monday is a holiday but I’ll be coming in to teach on Sunday


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