The koan: A certain Zen person in ancient times used to look at herself in the mirror each morning. She would say to herself, “Master, are you awake?” And she would reply, “Yes, yes, I am!” Then she would say to herself, “Don’t be fooled by others!” to which she would reply, “No, no!” I keep noticing the way my attention slips in and out of what’s going on in the outside world, or inside myself. Reality is so vast, my piece of it is just what I notice. What I do notice lets me in on what else I might not see. Sometimes what I forget to notice is what could nourish me…truth, beauty, love…the grey water of the bay as I drive across the bridge, the gull gliding on a pillow of air, my own heartbeat and hopes and passions. I’m always letting myself get fooled, too, forgetting how large it all is, how limitless, what a joy it is to discover.

We humans have a tendency to tell stories to reinforce what we already believe. We call this stuff “reality” and we make our decisions based on what’s inside our hermetically sealed containers. Meditation nibbles away at the seals and something else can happen. Come join us and tell new stories and venture into the terra incognita of your own mind for a bit.


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