You go to abandoned and overgrown places searching for your true nature. Where then, honored one, is your true nature?

I remember vacant lots from when I was a child. Usually there was an old washing machine or refrigerator there. There were sharp things, trash, mystery, and danger. If you went into such a place you had to leave some part of you behind, and maybe take a risk of being changed. This vacant lot experience keeps on happening, all your life: the relationship that may not have been such a good idea, the new direction that seemed exciting at the time. These are things you have to try in order to know yourself better. A true nature is worth going to such places. Sometimes you walk into it, of your own volition, sometimes it’s an accident, sometimes a mistake. And then, since that’s the only choice you’ve got, you get to find out what it’s like to be there, to take the trip.

It’s good to include these times in a practice, so come for meditation and bring your wild places, we’ll sit together and notice our lives and share the evening together.


Image abandoned Pennhurst State School & Hospital, PA
PennLive photographer Sean Simmers

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