Register: Guanyin in the Pavilion Under the August Moon

Zen Online 10:30am-12pm 
The Universe

Register: August 9th with Michelle Riddle Sensei. Guanyin as Earth. Ancient Sanskrit calls her Avalokitesvara, the embodied compassion of all buddhas.

Some myths say she has one thousand hands and eyes. Others whisper she was the mother of the Buddha. One tale tells of her journey down to hell, where the birds began to sing and the flowers grew tall until the demons were forced to ask her to leave, lest the purifying depths became too joyous.

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Welcome – The Green Glade of Meditation with John Tarrant

SUNDAY: Mar. 22nd 10:30am -12pm
ZOOM Zen (link provided)
The Universe

it helps us to be friendly with our time, to find a way to make decisions, to love the life we have. With all the difficulties, it’s good to be alive.  

What Catches Fire? – Online Meeting with Eleanor Silberman

March 16th, 7–9pm

Online Meeting. On the one hand, the fire represented passion and life force to me, so why would I want to put it out? On the other hand, with all of the fires we have recently experienced in Sonoma County, my mind tried to devise all sorts of solutions to putting out a fire that was hard to access.

Our Not Knowing Pilgrimage Includes Corona – with Jon Joseph

March 15th

The globe is being visited by a wandering pathogen, creating a vast field of uncertainty for all of us. In Zen, that is why we practice: to appreciate that the uncertainty of life is actually a beauty, not a bane; a blessing, and not a curse.