Our SRCZC is now closed to keep our community safe from corona virus.

We offer secure streamlined registration for these online gatherings:

  • John Tarrant, Roshi Sunday Morning 
    10:30am-11:30am PDT

If you would like to participate – sign up for our newsletter. We will send out the links for talks there. These will be slightly condensed versions of in-person meetings. We will sit with a koan, enjoy virtual tea, and have a conversation. Senior teachers will often give talks. No experience of meditation is required to attend.

You can always look on the front page of the site for more information about each sitting. We are thrilled to have you in the mix. Questions on how this will work contact Eleanor or Jon.

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Your support allows us to support our teachers, keep our online sessions open to everyone regardless of means, and make sure our systems run smoothly.

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