Before the beginning there was no self and no other, no Yin, no Yang. And then there was consciousness. And difference. And at the beginning, Yin was the shady side of the hill, Yang was the sunny side of the hill, Yin was cool, Yang was hot. Yin was female, Yang was male. Yin was earth/body, Yang was sky/spirit.

Our lives are made up of forces and energies, opposing and blending, shaping who we are and what we become, shaping the world and giving us ideas of where we’ve come from and what is possible. They give us ways of understanding where we are and where we are going from here. Yin and Yang are ways we have of describing these forces.

Long ago, it is said, China had a culture of women who saw the future by looking at the underside of the shells of living turtles, the secret side of the shell, where they could see written patterns of Yin and Yang. This tradition later became written into the Book of Changes (Yi Ching) whose poetry is evocative and koan-like. Koans are full of such images,  a young girl, a young boy… mountains and rivers… host and guest… dark and light, rounder than a mirror, sharper than an awl.

Rachel Boughton. Roshi

Come join us, we will explore the spaces created by Yin and Yang and what might be written on the bellies of our turtles. There will be meditation, teaching and conversation, time to breathe and feel and reflect, good company and awakening with the sounds of creek and birds.



$65 members, $75 non-members

10:30am-4:30pm (with optional morning meditation 8:30am – 10:30am).
Lunch included, bring something to share if you can.

Scholarships available, just ask the registrar: Corey Hitchcock

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