This is the original location of the Pacific Zen Institute. It is conveniently located in downtown Santa Rosa, CA with a lush view of Santa Rosa Creek–deer and turkeys, ambulances and birdsong included.

We gather for koan meditation with teaching on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays . Read below to learn more about each regular event.

Our public meditation sessions on Sunday, Monday and Thursday are offered “by donation” which is our way of saying that we want  you to feel welcome to attend regardless of your ability to pay. Our suggested donation is on a sliding scale from $5 – $20. Give what you can, be generous when that’s possible. As a non-profit organization, we give away what we bring in. Your donations make it possible for us to do what we do. Thanks!

Mondays 7-9pm:

A typical Monday evening includes Zen meditation, a dharma talk, tea, discussion and a short sutra service. Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary. Please arrive by 6:50pm to get settled. Our speakers include the zendo Director Rachel Boughton, Roshi, Pacific Zen Institute founder John Tarrant, Roshi (who offers a dharma talk

here on the first Monday of each month), as well other teachers, leaders, and community members. John’s talks and one of Rachel’s talks each month are live streamed on YouTube, so that the PZI community can participate from afar. We are waking up together.

We offer an introductory meditation class on the first Monday of each month, from 6-7pm.

There is no charge, donations for support of the center are appreciated.  Feel free to drop in.

Thursday 12-1pm: Lunchbox Zen (stay tuned  – will resume soon!)

On Thursdays we offer a bright, casual, and quiet weekday gathering for meditation and conversation. Bring your own lunch if you like. Come and go as you can. We want this practice to work for you.

Sunday Mornings, 10:30am-12 (9am-2pm on the 4th Sunday):

Sunday mornings at Santa Rosa Creek Zen Center feature egrets on the creek and morning light through the big windows, as well as meditation with a koan, a short talk, conversation, tea and a bit of something to eat. It’s companionable and open to anyone.

On the 4th Sunday of most months there is a half day meditation with Jon Joseph, Roshi from 9am to 2pm. Practice conversations with Jon are available. It’s free and open to everyone, bring a lunch.

Every once in a while we offer a special day-long event or retreat on a Sunday, instead. If you are on our email list it will be easy to find out about these.

To learn more about this zendo or our practice, email Rachel Boughton at To learn more about the koan tradition, you can explore this website, and also visit the Pacific Zen Institute website.

To sign up for our weekly email list, click here .  

825 Sonoma Avenue, Suite B
Santa Rosa, CA 95404-4746
Call 707.544.0540

To get to our space you enter the front door and go down half a flight of stairs to Suite B. The Creek is in the back.

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Your support allows us to support our teachers, keep our doors open to everyone regardless of means, and make sure our systems run smoothly.

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